Paris Hilton is happier than she’s been in a very long time following her split from Chris Zylka, one insider tells HollywoodLife. As fans know, the heiress broke the engagement only a few weeks ago – is she really already over it?

While most people would assume that after such a breakup, anyone would be heartbroken, it turns out that this is not Paris’ case!

Paris and her now ex, Chris were together for about two years!

Paris was in attendance at the Rachel Zoe Resort Holiday Presentation and while there, she chatted with one reporter from the site, telling them ‘I’m so happy. I have been working and have been super busy. It is great to be back here with my family in Los Angeles because I have been traveling so much.’

The relationship coming to an end was announced a bit over a week ago, but Paris and Chris had been broken up for a little longer than that.

Still, to hear that she was not sad about the split was really unexpected, but of course, that’s great for her!

‘I’m just happier than ever and excited. It’s going to be an amazing 2019,’ the heiress added excitedly.

In the end, it just seems like Paris and Chris ended things on friendly terms as she replied that they’re ‘definitely’ still friends when asked.

But when the outlet wondered if there was any chance they would reunite one day, Paris laughed.

The star’s actually looking forward to the future, not to the past and she already knows what she wants in a life partner.

According to her, her next boyfriend should be ‘someone who’s kind and has a good heart.’

As for getting married and starting a family, that’s still in the cards, only not now, in the future!