Nile Rodgers has claimed he ‘died eight times’ while partying one night with Robert Downey Jr.

The 65-year-old musician and Avengers: Infinity War actor had a seriously heavy night together back in 1984, and apparently rather than just waking up with a hangover like the rest of us, Nile almost didn’t wake up at all.

In fact, things were so touch and go that Nile sprung back to life while a doctor was seconds away from pronouncing him dead.

The legendary icon told The Guardian: ‘I died eight times in one night and they brought me back. Eight times my heart stopped.

‘I was hanging out with Robert Downey Jr … It was coke and alcohol. I was fine, but then I passed out. Typical rock’n’roll death … you choke on your own vomit.’

Nile learned the error of his ways, and has since been sober for almost a quarter of a century.

The star also went on to address controversial comments made by Kanye West, who was blasted on social media when he called slavery a ‘choice’

Asked for his thoughts, the star hit back: ‘Come on! Slavery a choice?’

He explained while he always realised there were “more slaves than slave owners”, he has noted it is not that simple.

‘”As a human being, I always used to think there were always more slaves than slave owners. Why were we so afraid of guns?

‘Why didn’t we just take over?… Let me take you back to my own childhood. There were a hell of a lot more kids in that room than the one guy who was the abuser. At any point, the 20 or 30 kids could have rebelled.

‘But this person represented an authority figure. He seemed more powerful by himself than all the kids collectively. So, it’s psychological warfare.’